Dental Anxiety?

Stay calm with smile fort wayne

You need a dentist who believes in the reality of dental stress, anxiety, and phobia, and can address your concerns. Only then, with your mental discomfort in check, will you feel confident about receiving the dental care you need for good oral and overall health. At Family Dentistry and Aesthetics, Dr’s Teel and Gilbert and our team understand dental anxiety in all its forms. We are here, prepared and trained, to help you overcome your dental anxiety. Some of our most loyal patients are those whom we’ve helped work through their anxiety.  They’re now our biggest source of referrals, because they tell everyone how we were able to help them. And to us, there’s nothing more satisfying than to help a patient overcome the anxieties formed by previous negative experiences.

Stress Level Red

Stress is natural, and a reasonable amount of stress is actually healthy. However, when an unhealthy level of stress, anxiety, or phobia comes between you and your good health, we’re here to help you. We do not know how many Americans refrain from dental visits as a result of dental phobia, though some reports indicate 8 to 15% as a fair estimate. We do know, however, that half of Americans do not visit a dentist annually. In addition, visiting the dentist ranks in the top three most feared things a person can experience, coming in higher than snakes, flying, spiders, and small spaces. So, dental fear is real, and it can range from mild discomfort to debilitating phobia that presents physically.

Treating Dental Anxiety

First and foremost, and with all cases, our dentists and staff respect and understand dental phobia, anxiety, and stress. To move past it, however, the patient must be forthcoming, sharing his or her feelings with the dental team. The dentist can then talk with the patient to determine the level of anxiety. In some cases, a gentle touch, thorough explanation of treatment plans and tools, and taking it slowly will help a stressed patient feel better. Often, though, more is needed to make the patient feel truly comfortable.

To address a patient’s dental anxiety, we have many options. Treatment will be based on the patient’s unique needs, considering his or her past experience, health history, medications, and specifics discussed during the initial consultation.

We will take time to establish trust with you by informing you of the progress of your visit, all along the way. Our technique for local anesthetic entails profound numbing, and we make sure that you’re totally numb before performing any dental work. In addition, you can listen to music or television with headphones, to help distract you from the clinical part of your visit. We also provide blankets and memory foam pillows, so you can make yourself comfortable.

Sedation Dentistry

We have successfully employed sedation dentistry for hundreds of patients, and the results have been fantastic. Sedation can be a truly life changing experience for the high-anxiety patient.

Dental sedation involves using medicinal sedatives to help calm a patient’s nerves, promote relaxation, and dull the senses. Many patients have no memory of sedation dentistry appointments, while others recall very little about their dental visit. There are two primary types of sedation that may be used in in our office.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is appropriate for the patient with mild to moderate anxiety. It can create a relaxing experience for the phobic dental patient. You’ll wear a simple nosepiece and feel relaxed, even euphoric, throughout your appointment. You will also remain awake, so we can communicate with you. Our team can increase or decrease the amount of nitrous oxide during your treatment, to keep you completely comfortable. While the nitrous oxide will subside immediately when we administer pure oxygen, so you’ll be clear-headed and able to drive yourself home or to work.

Oral conscious sedation is appropriate for patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety, as well as those who need many treatments completed in a single appointment. This type of sedation has literally changed people’s lives in regards to dental care. small oral pill is be taken about an hour before your procedure. It will make you feel groggy, relaxed, and comfortable. It is not uncommon for the patient to sleep through the procedures and have little or no memory of the dental visit.  Be sure to schedule a driver to bring you to and from your dental visit, because you will not be able to drive when under the influence of an oral sedative.

Your Comfort is Priority

For a way to overcome your dental anxiety, so you can receive the dental care you need, call Family Dentistry & Aesthetics in Fort Wayne, IN, today at 260-432-0561. We’ll reserve an appointment for you to sit down and talk with the dentist, before any oral evaluation is performed. We believe that once you get to know us, you’ll trust us to help you.