Digital Treatment Planning

Digital Treatment Planning

fort-wayne-digital-treatment-patientOur experienced dentists  at Family Dentistry & Aesthetics are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive and progressive care possible. Services are designed to give you a positive experience at every step—as we heal, restore, and enhance your smile.

We aim to make you comfortable and optimistic about your care, and that’s why we provide digital treatment planning (DTP) in our Fort Wayne, Indiana dental practice. Whether you need basic procedures (such as fillings), or cosmetic enhancement (such as veneers), intra-oral camera and digital imaging will create a clear picture of your mouth. The doctor will refer to the images as he explains treatment options and answers your questions.

We offer cosmetic dentistry to design your best and brightest smile. For all cosmetic options, we offer personalized digital planning sessions to help you pick the treatment that best suits your needs and goals. During your consultation, cosmetic imaging will allow you to view the current state of your teeth, before we virtually reshape your smile. As you watch your new smile take shape on the computer screen, you will have a clear understanding how you could look. You’ll also gain an understanding of the procedures required to get you to your “after” photo.

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What is Digital Treatment Planning?

Many patients say one of the most unpleasant parts of their past dental visits was having to endure dental impression-taking. With our digital treatment services, those messy, old-fashioned impressions have become a thing of the past. Our next-generation virtual impressions are more precise, quicker, and far less unpleasant than the messy bite-down impressions of the past.

A camera wand replaces the traditional dental plate and putty. The small intra-oral camera will record the precise dimensions of your mouth and teeth. We will then transfer the data into a computer application, which creates a virtual image of your mouth. We use this technology for both cosmetic and diagnostic imaging purposes.

Cosmetic Imaging

Wouldn’t you like to see how great you’re going to look after your dental treatment? With cosmetic computer imaging, you’ll see the expected outcome of your treatment before investing any time or money. You’ll get to see both the before and after photos, before you even commit to a procedure.

Whether you are considering veneers, dental implants, whitening, or laser treatments, our computer imaging software will allow you to see how we plan to move, whiten, and reshape your teeth to meet their full potential. In our office, you will watch your new smile take shape on a computer screen, giving you a virtual, visual representation of the procedures that will provide those after photo results.

Maybe you don’t have any specific treatment in mind but would like to see how we can bring your perfect smile to life. Call our Fort Wayne, IN, office today at (260) 432-0561 to schedule an appointment for a digital planning session with one of our doctors.

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is a useful tool for both dentists and patients. Our small intra-oral camera picks up on minute details in low light and hard-to-reach areas, allowing us to better detect and diagnose during the earliest stages of tooth decay and gum disease.

During diagnostic imaging, we can examine your mouth with a tiny video camera wand, which is approximately the size of a pen, recording all angles and dimensions. We then magnify and capture images so we can share them with you during your consultation. If any concerns are identified, you can see for yourself where the problem lies.

These images also allow us to digitally record your dental history over time, to chart your progress as a long-term patient.

To take advantage of our digital imaging services, call our Fort Wayne, IN, office today at (260) 432-0561 to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.